Domestic Production,
Uninterrupted Energy

Established in Çatalağzı, Zonguldak in order to contribute to the increasing electrical energy needs of our country's growing industry, Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant continues to generate electricity with national resources with a total installed capacity of 314.68 MW and an annual generation capacity of 2,386,GWh. Utilizing national resources to ensure electricity supply security, our power plant meets approximately 2.25% of Türkiye's electricity demand. Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant, Türkiye's first and only domestic hard coal power plant, is distinguished from its peers by its location in Zonguldak, where the richest coal reserves in Türkiye are located, and its location on the seashore.

Established in 1946 as Türkiye's first base thermal power plant, ÇATES A Power Plant was shut down in 1982 at the end of its economic life, and ÇATES B Power Plant was commissioned in 2014, taking its place in the world of private sector electricity generation. 

ÇATES was established to utilize the hard coal of the region, which could not be used in heavy industry, in energy production. Recognizing the importance of meeting the increasing energy demand with domestic production, the plant feeds its 2,450 kcal/kg boilers with coal from the nearby region. The power plant has two units with a total installed capacity of 2x157.34 MW and 314.68 MW and an annual production capacity of 2,386,GWh.

The cooling water of the power plant, which produces in accordance with all environmental standards, is taken from stagnant water by pumps thanks to a breakwater built at the sea, while the boiler feed water used in the power plant comes from the pond in Dereköy. This water, which is processed in the liquidation plant, is turned into pure water and then fed into the system.

Why is it important?

Discover the advantages of Çatalağzı Thermal Power Plant, which produces Türkiye's uninterrupted energy.

Uninterrupted Energy Production

Thermal power plants contribute to the balance of production by providing energy production every month of the year. They constitute the backbone of the electricity system as they provide electricity generation with a fixed output compared to renewable resources.

Security of Supply

Base load power plants, which can generate electricity 24/7 as long as there is an energy source, provide uninterrupted production regardless of any other conditions.

Energy Efficiency

It is possible to run thermal power plants at full capacity. In other words, as long as there is fuel, the plant can be as efficient as desired.

National Energy Source

It contributes to the reduction of foreign dependency in energy by ensuring that domestic coal reserves are converted into energy with human-oriented and environmentally friendly technologies.